Who we are...

Smash Innovations is a software solutions firm committed to Personalization through Automation. We produce the best in user-friendly, digital business & marketing tools that are designed to expand your business by fortifying real relationships and putting people first.

Our Mission

At Smash, our mission is to make customer acquisition & engagement an accessible & simple solution for everyone - not just the elite few. Too many small to medium businesses have feared that the use of technology would result in them losing their personal touch with their prospects and customers. Smash has bridged that gap by creating tools that create Personalization through Automation at a price any business can afford.

Our Why

Over the years, we watched our friends and colleagues struggle over failing ventures simply because they didn’t have the means to maintain the technology needed to perform in a competitive market. These experiences solidified our mission to keep greatness where it belongs, in the hands of anyone and everyone who desires to succeed.

Here at Smash

  • Many Decades of Business Experience

    The Executive Team at SMASH is a great mixture of decades of business and operational experience as well as new innovative practices. We pride curselves on a diverse age and cultural team.

  • High-level technical expertise

    We have the .NET and the LAMP experts lead by a CTO with global multi-dicipline technical experience and a true enjoyment of working together by everyone and overcoming challenges.

  • A passion to put real power in the hands of the people

    The world has gotten smaller with the digital age and the playing field has become more even but the really powerful tools are still being held by the few. SMASH is giving the power back to the people.

Our Stats

Team Members
People think we’re nuts when they hear how many hours we like to work and the money that goes into making Smash...
We are very passionate about creating the best business tools at the most affordable price possible!